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School Name


Information about the location of the school


What division(s) does the school compete in


Is this a public or private university



About School

Brief paragraph about this school, what sets it apart from other schools like it, and why students should attend.

Program Information

What kind of program is this? What's the environment? Is the team multicultural? Does it host social events outside of meetings? Is it widely coed? This is a place for you to, essentially, describe your ideal vision for your organization. Remain truthful, but the way you describe your team or club here will likely draw in people who want to be a part of what you describe.

Scholarship Information

Here is where you tell the viewer what they're eligible for. Do you offer multiple scholarships? Are they solely performance based, or is there a minimum required grade? Tell your potential recruits what they're going to strive for if they come to your program.

Contact School

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To Contact the Esports Program

Via their Website, click here

To Contact the Admissions Department

Via their Website, click here

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