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Harrisburg University


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania







About Harrisburg

Known for outstanding science and technology focused degree programs Harrisburg offers one of the lowest tuition levels for a private university education in Pennsylvania, with many opportunities for scholarships and financial aid. Their student body is one of the most ethnically diverse among private colleges, so no matter who you are, you’ll feel right at home. Every major requires an internship so you are guaranteed to receive real-world experience that is valued by employers.

Harrisburg is ranked #1 in the nation among private colleges for offering scholarships.

Faculty integrate their corporate and industry experience with hands-on projects, and you can begin taking classes in your major during your first year.

Program Information

Harrisburg views its Esports team with the utmost sincerity. Their program has all the trappings of any varsity sports program, and they host a one of a kind professional Esports tournament each year. 

Scholarship Information

Sixteen varsity Esports players each year receive full tuition scholarships along with a housing stipend.

Contact School

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