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Collegiate Esports Scholarships

Universities and Colleges are starting to catch on to the potential presented by sponsored Esports programs. The old guard of academia is giving way to replacement by younger, more tech savvy administrators, and they like what they see from competitive gaming. Whether it be from prizes or from the tuition brought in by competitive gamers, more and more schools are beginning to recognize the profits of Collegiate Esports - and they're willing to share them with you.

Trade your stats for Tuition Dollars
Show Me the Money

Did you know that over thirty schools across the US offer scholarships for Esports?  From small stipends to near $20,000 tuition reimbursements, there are dollars and cents out there for students looking to put those late nights in front of a screen to good use. If you've got game, we want to help you get paid for it.

Get noticed by Recruiters

Success in college sports is the single best way to become a professional competitor in any field. Esports is no different. By participating with NACE affiliated Esports programs, you'll put yourself on track to catch the eyes of coaches and recruiters. If you want to go pro, start by making a splash at the University lever. Did we mention you can get paid?

Become a Star

The days of jocks and cheerleaders are long gone - like, back in the 80's gone. Being a star doesn't require suiting up to play football anymore. With Esports, you'll not only help pay your way through college, but you'll have a shot at the recognition and fame which used to be out of reach for anyone not wearing a helmet and pads.

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